Your Worth

How often do we short change ourselves to align with someone else? Drop the cost of our services, discount our bodies as product, or give more of our time than planned to appease the individuals we are negotiating with. Do they respect your boundaries, listen when you speak, give of themselves on equal or above terms?

Don’t allow people to diminish  your value through selfishness. Dont think less of yourself to make those around you comfortable. Dont discount yourself or service’s because of a sob story. Your heart isn’t for sale. Along with your morals, faith, loyalties, goals and dreams. Never sale yourself short.

At the end of the day, when you look in the mirror, you will feel much more accomplished if everything you stand for was not pushed aside as you acquire success.. 

Published by Rease

A lover of the Comic Books as a child sparked my love for cartooning and illustration. Japanese anime sparked my love for story telling and there was this one class in college that sparked a love hate relationship with "Type Setting". So who am I? I am a graphic designer who loves Anime, comic books, video games, and poetry. My name is Maurice and welcome to Moe Artistry.

3 thoughts on “Your Worth

  1. Thanks for writing this. In reading this, I can wish I would have read it earlier in my life and perhaps avoided much of the pain I endured as a younger man. I think this will help many people avoid some pitfalls. Thanks for sharing your heart.

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    1. Thank you for the reply.
      I truly believe self values is a lesson that needs to be taught in the younger years. Pure pressure, bullying, and critical choice making starts as a young teen. This is where having a mentor as a young woman/man can help mold successful adults. Knowing your worth and sticking to core values can only make you a better individual.

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  2. I always seem to be impressed when strangers know me. Not personally, but know through similar situations and circumstance in life. Not in too many words you called my bluff. Always impressed when a strangers words tell me what I need to hear… and I never asked.

    Also, how do I leave comments without filling this comment section out?


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