Her Essence

February 1st 2017 I watched you approach slowly, nerves shattered with shaking hands, tears in your eyes while you’re father held your arm, gracefully entwined with his own. Speaking words of love and pride I can only assume as you were given away from him (the man who loves you and played a major part in giving you life) to me. (a man who would give his own life to make sure no harm ever fell upon you).

I never imagined I would end up marrying the girl I had a crush on in high school. The idea of being able to come home every night to someone that makes me feel like nothing in the world matters when we are together seems unfair. “Truly blessed” defines the emotional surge of energy that runs ramped throughout my soul every time you look at me, damn those delicious brown eyes. The playful spirit harbored within you melts away at my stern core. The free feeling of laughter bellowing from within your voice, shatters the mask I carry on my face to fend off the world. Honey you have helped make me a better man in this life time, I’m grateful to the universe and the heavens for you

The journey came fully equipped with bumps and bruises as the “to be continued” phrase flashes upon the screen at the end of every episode. This is a life sentence, Yet im confident we can and will pull each other through the bad times to keep looking at the horizon for the happiness and love we both seek. Carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders and still pulling baggage making a life worth living. Mi amor the strength you hold within is worthy of praise. Allowing me to help with the loads, carry the luggage, push over and break down the walls. No small feat these were, having to Prove myself every step of the way, showing myself a man deserving of your time. Glad I did not disappoint.

Every time I open your door, pull out your chair, buy gifts, and write words of endearment. Its me telling you thank you for not just loving me (the new me and the old broken me) but allowing me to show you, real love does still exist. Good men still roam the earth, not on horse back with shiny plated armor and broad swords defending the weak or less fortunate but, standing firm with morals, values and a code of honor. These traits are within my DNA, as long as I draw breath I will love you Queen.

The journey we call marriage is not one for the faint of hearts, weak minded or easily swayed souls. Thank you for committing to this. Thank you for this year of listening, learning, changing, pushing and developing. Thank you for trying and making an effort to be the best wife you can at this point in time.

Happy Anniversary Queen.


Published by Rease

A lover of the Comic Books as a child sparked my love for cartooning and illustration. Japanese anime sparked my love for story telling and there was this one class in college that sparked a love hate relationship with "Type Setting". So who am I? I am a graphic designer who loves Anime, comic books, video games, and poetry. My name is Maurice and welcome to Moe Artistry.

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