New Norms


Going outside your own home requires covering your face, Just to protect ones self from illness. Will this become the new norm for Humanity?

The photo I referenced to create this self-portrait was taken during the first week of the Covid-19 lock down for us who reside in the state of Georgia. However this look has become the norm for so many of us around the world and it is difficult for me to adjust to.

So many of us are not able to visit family and friends, I have seen images of spouses, parents, and siblings standing outside of hospitals and clinics with signs expressing emotions of love to support one another from a distance. As I scrolled through one of the many media outlets the other day I came across a video of neighbors outside applauding a nurse as she headed to work. She was showing emotions of happiness but I’m sure she was fearful inside due to being on the front lines of this pandemic. Smiling or putting on a friendly face does not warrant the same results anymore, people can’t see the expression of happiness or thankfulness due to the masks. Soft spoken individuals are required to speak at a higher volume due to the muffling of their voice which honestly can be uncomfortable. Greeting one another with hugs or kisses on the cheek are a violation of personal space which put you at risk of possibly getting infected or causing infection. This state of confinement is deteriorating human interaction, the emotion of joy from seeing someone happy, the energy transfer you receive when someone you love or haven’t seen in a while hugs you with positive vibes and intent. A random smile from a passerby or friend that brightens your day. All we have currently is different variations of fabric strapped to our faces to protect us from possible infection.

This pandemic has shown just how important physical touch, smiles or just a hug or hand shake can change how we as people interact with one another. Yet it has also shown how people are changing for the better. Kindness, gratitude and patience and understanding of one another’s situations seem to be on the rise. I would implore you all to stay safe or as safe as you can at all times. However, stay positive and do not let the current challenge over take you. Most of all stay hopeful that we all come out of this with a better understanding on how to love one another. Kindness is not weak and looking after one another, being a helping neighbor, co-worker, friend, passerby, etc. can blossom into great relationships. We are the only humans in the universe, (so we’ve been told) let’s take care of one another the right way.

Stay hopeful, positive and blessed.



Published by Rease

A lover of the Comic Books as a child sparked my love for cartooning and illustration. Japanese anime sparked my love for story telling and there was this one class in college that sparked a love hate relationship with "Type Setting". So who am I? I am a graphic designer who loves Anime, comic books, video games, and poetry. My name is Maurice and welcome to Moe Artistry.

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