Act 3

I was born from lovers. Raised in struggle. Departed as a man under my own understanding. 


I should have stayed an adolescent, listened a little more following the rules of my father and the Heavenly Father.

Conceived through lust, created with blissfulness. Raised by those seeking Gods forgiveness. Departed a sinner learning life’s lessons through my own conscious decisions.


Only to be hindered by blind love for long black hair and an accent. I should have stuck to my guns and pursued my own happiness. Defaulting to my lust for a foreign kiss. The path I chose to walk led me into years of frustration and confusion instead of blissful happiness.


Conceived through lust, born from love, innocents born into sin taught to seek Gods love. Departed brand new like morning dew. Searching for my second chance only to be snagged by my feelings a new. From this came a light, her tiny hands and feet gave my world all new insight. She was born innocent from two beginners, who thought they were doing everything they could to keep it together. Yet, separated here we stand, building her from the shared love we once had.

ACT 3:

Here I am again with passion in my heart. Her name mystery so hate cant play a part. Father I have ran this race twice in one life, I do not know what resides at the pinnacle but time sure does fly. I am waiting on you, for I feel this to be my last life line. King Solomon loved so his queen… He wrote hymns of her beauty, words so eloquent and flattering. I wish for the imagery.

My wounds leek when she speaks. Healing my soul inside out, so there is no need for disbelief. Honesty has always been the real key. There is a jones in my bones for a sister whose name I can’t speak. Revealing these thoughts to her could kill the dream. I can’t tell her yet but she could easily make me take a knee. “Don’t jump!” shouts the old me, you made this move before and the chest game was over within three. This time I’ll wait, sit back, watch, and use my third eye to see. Waiting for the universe to answer this long plea so my energy can remain centered around balancing me. 

God healed my heart to prepare my soul for she.


Above The Clouds

If God gave me wings to fly I wouldn’t take to the sky.

Instead I’d ask for another pair and deliver them to you no matter where.

Asking you to join me above clouds so we could be free to love for a while.

Aloof from the world to look into each other’s eyes.

Feeling each other’s hearts while feeding our souls.

Examine one another’s minds for compatibility and goals.

Enjoying the breeze, the warmth of the sun at 70,000 ft.

No one could ever see with their two eyes or feel with their hands and feet how much you mean to me.

when were in the same room I can feel your spirit dance with me.


Dedicated to my wife


It’s 5:03 in the morning and I am wide awake with random thoughts running through my mind. A very disturbing image continues to pop into my head after many failed attempts to have a good night’s rest. Due to this, my brain went into search mode trying to calculate reasoning for my thinking and visualizing these images of situations and people that I “let go” of so long ago. The mind is a tricky tool you see, and sometimes we have to realize that our thoughts are not always our own.

This year has been a long one for me, but we will get into that later. For now just know I finally re-committed myself to a new relationship with my now beautiful wife, after a very hard and challenging divorce (another topic we will discuss) that turned my entire world upside down; depleted of gravity, oxygen, rhyme or reason. Picture a snow globe in the hands of a kid hyper because he ate all the candy he found in his trick or treat bag a month after Halloween. Yea, he is  going HAM trying to shake the damn figurine from the glue. This is the reality that I call my life and that’s been the past 4 years of it. Even now I am still feeling the affects every now and then.  However, I told myself I would learn from those heartaches and pains and inform, not just myself, but also figure out how to help my fellow brothers so that they wouldn’t have to walk that path, which is why I made the decision to start blogging.

So with that being said, to all those who will read, listen and partake in conversation with me. Welcome to my blog. We will go far and wide into many layers of conversation on a multitude of topics. Throughout this journey I hope to learn from every encounter just as much as I hope to help every single person these words jump off the screen too.

Welcome to Mind, Spirit & Man… shall we begin..

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