Life is an uncut Gem, we are pulled from the womb not knowing anything at all. (Pure)

As we progress through life we are slowly molded, cut, designed, re-imaged and refined.

The choices we make and actions that follow them dictates our qulity, how clear, clean and beautiful we appear to those around us.

However we can be cloudy, rough and down right dirty as well. (Balance)

In the end we are all put to the test by the pressures of life throughout our time.

Will you hold up or buckle once the pressure has been applied?

How Do You Think?

How many of us go through out life knowing what we want but yet never making it happen? We wish we could have done certain things, yet we make every excuse in the world for why we can’t.

How many opportunities have we let slip by without ever attempting to reach for them?
Think about the countless amount of people you have congratulated for accomplishing goals you yourself should have reached years, months, weeks, and days ago. What’s the hold up? Whats stopping you? Why haven’t you kicked that door in and stormed the room?

I blame the mindset. We have to push our mind to believe we can accomplish the impossible by discovering that drive within ourselves to push for the unseen. All the while conquering small goals along the way. Change your mindset and change the perspective you choose to view life’s challenges from. Do this and watch how friends, family, coworkers, society and even the world’s view of you will change.

When you have time…NO, make time to click the link provided below and listen to professional speaker Douglas Krugel’s 2015 speech titled “Is Your Thinking Keeping You Poor?”

Give it a listen and think where do you fall in that conversation.

Stay Blessed

What If ?

What If?

Two words when spoken that send the brain into a query of hypothetical. Alternate realities are then created in the brain based on the life choices previously made. Spinning up the imagination engine like a turbo, revealing the barrage of thoughts that you flip through trying to see what could have possibly been your present. Yet these options were on the table at some point but over looked for whatever reason at the time.

Example; What if I listened to my father and pursued a trade instead of going to college? This decision which was so important to me could have altered my entire life and how I am currently living now.

I am going to run a few hypotheticals by you and stay open minded.

Side note; these “What If’s” are built around society and social connection.

What if, in order for an individual to become successful in life, one would be required to be a paragon of decency to other individuals at a minimum?

What if, an individual’s interactions with others were based off how that said person treated others?

What if, an individual’s profession was granted based on how selfless or selfish of a person they were?

What if, an individual’s salary or wage earned was indeed based off how generous one was with their time and resources?

What if, the way Love or affection were granted reflected from how an individual loved or showed affection, if any at all to others?

What if, the paths’ available to create a decent future were based off the deeds and merit of your parents?

What if, our soul mates were decided using the actions and re-actions given from previous relationships prior too?

What if, the status of your elder years were based off how you treated the elderly in your youthful life?

The world isn’t fare and normally those who do not plan ahead or at minimum have a plan end up on the struggle bus. As a body of individuals it sometimes appears everyone is out for themselves and I can’t help but wonder, what happened to the passion of community. Why do we look down on those who wish to uplift others or inquire their motives?

What if, is a big question that leads down a rabbit hole of unanswered possibilities for most, regret for others and satisfaction a few may enjoy. The point to all this is simple, make choices in life that you are satisfied with, have no regrets later down the line. I doubt you want to be at the point of moving from this level to the next and wishing you had or had not done a few choice things. We only have one life and there are no do overs or a reset button that I know of, by all means enjoy the time you are granted.

Stay Blessed, Namaste


Sunday Morning Thoughts

Do you ever wake feeling lost, as if nothing you have accomplished is worth anything? Like all the hard work was for nothing – you can see the progress yet it feels like you are standing still and everything around you is moving forward with out you? Today I woke with these thoughts and image’s swimming within me like silver fish of doubt and depression dragging me to darkness.

Depression is a monster waiting to devour happiness and glee, snatching accomplishments and blocking them from site. Its always lurking in the corner waiting for me. It’s the creepy guy in the alley that I walk past on my way to school who calls me. I ignore it. In My past life I gave in and listened to that voice, and allowed it to subdue me. Walking in darkness for days until the mood changed.

Now I write. I haven’t written on this format in over a year. Even though I have so much to say and get out, I choose not to place these thoughts out into the cyber world. Why, why haven’t I wrote on this platform? Fear. Fear of being judged, or attacked. Fear of offending someone, hurting someone’s feelings, or getting into a disagreement. Today’s society has gotten so touchy that just writing to avoid being depressed is a double take in fear of causing or being pulled into more trouble then needed.

Forgive my ramblings all in all don’t listen to the creepy guy in the ally, don’t answer the voices coming out of the dark corners. They mean you no good, all pain, mental frustrations and confusion. Stay the course of happiness, love, light, and enjoyment. Take the small wins and over time theyʼll all add up. Move in silence and don’t allow people to distract you from your goals. Push yourself to be better everyday and if you are struggling please seek out professional help or just talk to someone who is willing to listen and genuinely cares.

Stay Blessed

Random Thought #1

Wait wait wait, let me explain:
I am an artist which means I see the world through a different light, my energy reads on a wave length that most can’t understand. I speak from an emotional spirit with a logical yet soul searching mind frame. I love deep and burn with passion. Rather it be love or hate, compassion or anger, forgiveness or vengeance, I have no middle ground.

Im loyal to the point of destruction, I’ll wound myself before I abandon someone I love. I’m invested in those around me and wish to see them elevate to their highest peek and beyond. Im my own worse critic and hate to fail. Giving solid eye opening advise based off my life lessons and wisdom aquired yet more times then often finding it difficult to heed it myself. Born under the sign of the Gemini with Taurus throwing a dash of stubbornness is the stew. Yo I wake up different everyday.

Looking in the mirror, swiming on a wave of thoughts not safe to deliver to the ears of most… yet they slip out sometimes before I can catch them. I accept my flaws and work hard to better myself. I know who I am…….. can you say the same?

Mi Madre

You are the vessel God choose to create my life, to direct my soul towards the light.
Your Smile, Warmth, Love, Passion, obsession with keeping us close and connected, the glue to our family without any question. Father made us men through the physical lessons, yet your wild warrior’s spirit fuels our blood like an old Indian ritual.

Mother you taught me how to love a woman through actions not words. Treat others how you wish to be treated and know your worth. Placing our Heavenly father above all else, never have I seen you be greedy or needy or choose yourself. Sacrifice is what you’ve given from the moment you said “I DO” …..too you know who, he will get his shine, but today is about you.

I smile when I see you and dad happy enjoying your life, you both have given so much to so many, most of you’re lives have been a sacrifice. Truly blessed we all have been to be reared by you, thank you mother for I can never repay all that you do. I promise to teach my daughters every lesson I’ve learned, so they can grow to be confident, fearless and strong. Molding them to be a better version of themselves every day.

Thank you for always listening when I speak, hearing what my heart is saying when my words are minced and bleak.

Thank you for speaking positive energy into my life, helping me through the dark times, the trials and strife.

Thank you for praying for us even when we don’t ask, for the packages you send the kids and the quirky stuff you pack.

Thank you for always having an open heart and open mind, never shutting down dream, goals, ideas, or thoughts of the mind.

MOM you are the number one lady in my life, I wouldn’t be here without you, but I wouldn’t be me if it wasn’t for you allowing God to guide and move within you.  You are an amazing woman and I love you.

Thank you

Happy Mothers Day to Mi Madre.


Her Essence

February 1st 2017 I watched you approach slowly, nerves shattered with shaking hands, tears in your eyes while you’re father held your arm, gracefully entwined with his own. Speaking words of love and pride I can only assume as you were given away from him (the man who loves you and played a major part in giving you life) to me. (a man who would give his own life to make sure no harm ever fell upon you).

I never imagined I would end up marrying the girl I had a crush on in high school. The idea of being able to come home every night to someone that makes me feel like nothing in the world matters when we are together seems unfair. “Truly blessed” defines the emotional surge of energy that runs ramped throughout my soul every time you look at me, damn those delicious brown eyes. The playful spirit harbored within you melts away at my stern core. The free feeling of laughter bellowing from within your voice, shatters the mask I carry on my face to fend off the world. Honey you have helped make me a better man in this life time, I’m grateful to the universe and the heavens for you

The journey came fully equipped with bumps and bruises as the “to be continued” phrase flashes upon the screen at the end of every episode. This is a life sentence, Yet im confident we can and will pull each other through the bad times to keep looking at the horizon for the happiness and love we both seek. Carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders and still pulling baggage making a life worth living. Mi amor the strength you hold within is worthy of praise. Allowing me to help with the loads, carry the luggage, push over and break down the walls. No small feat these were, having to Prove myself every step of the way, showing myself a man deserving of your time. Glad I did not disappoint.

Every time I open your door, pull out your chair, buy gifts, and write words of endearment. Its me telling you thank you for not just loving me (the new me and the old broken me) but allowing me to show you, real love does still exist. Good men still roam the earth, not on horse back with shiny plated armor and broad swords defending the weak or less fortunate but, standing firm with morals, values and a code of honor. These traits are within my DNA, as long as I draw breath I will love you Queen.

The journey we call marriage is not one for the faint of hearts, weak minded or easily swayed souls. Thank you for committing to this. Thank you for this year of listening, learning, changing, pushing and developing. Thank you for trying and making an effort to be the best wife you can at this point in time.

Happy Anniversary Queen.