Life is an uncut Gem, we are pulled from the womb not knowing anything at all. (Pure)

As we progress through life we are slowly molded, cut, designed, re-imaged and refined.

The choices we make and actions that follow them dictates our qulity, how clear, clean and beautiful we appear to those around us.

However we can be cloudy, rough and down right dirty as well. (Balance)

In the end we are all put to the test by the pressures of life throughout our time.

Will you hold up or buckle once the pressure has been applied?


Published by Rease

A lover of the Comic Books as a child sparked my love for cartooning and illustration. Japanese anime sparked my love for story telling and there was this one class in college that sparked a love hate relationship with "Type Setting". So who am I? I am a graphic designer who loves Anime, comic books, video games, and poetry. My name is Maurice and welcome to Moe Artistry.

2 thoughts on “Gemstone

  1. Pure: first sentence and
    Balance: fourth sentence
    are you suggesting both these sentences equate harmony? Cause the third paragraph seems like balance should’ve been next to it. Not criticizing, just need clarity. I know these are your thoughts, but there is room for a comment, so I’m commenting.

    Our choices seem to be the balance to our arrival into this dimension of humanity. Meaning our purity (unique essence) is complimented by unique pressures. We all have different experiences, traumas and achievements, thus synthesizing use as unique gemstones (birthstone perhaps lol). Just adding my thoughts onto your post.


    1. First let me apologies for not responding to you sooner, Second “Meaning our purity (unique essence) is complimented by unique pressures.” this is as pure as it gets! we are all different from the beginning to the end and everything in-between. We should be allowed to discover ourselves before having the “Pressure” applied to put on a show for the world. Balance eluded me for a very long time, and its the one thing I feel I’ll never acquire.. Pleasure typing at you Stephanie.


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